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My interests are


I like a lot of different types of music like:

rap classic rock
dance oldies
some country rock
reggae some metal

Artists / Bands

Three Days Grace Linkin Park Ac Dc Pink
Wave Snow Van Halen Tracy Chapmen
The Who The Police The Cranberries The Corrs
Gym Class Heroes T.I. P.Diddy 2 Pac
Bone Thugs N Harmony Red Hot Chilly Peppers Queen Nelly Furtado
JoJo Nickelback Mariah Carey Madonna
LFO Joydrop Ja Rule Fabolous


The Pink Panther Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Big Daddy Barnyard
Grandmas Boy Fast and the Furious

TV Shows

The Simpsons Family Guy Robot Chicken
Futurama Sopranos  


Sonic Adventure Need For Speed
Grand Theft Auto Super Mario